Have the Mother of Fact website host a dedicated page for each partner referral we want to support – not so many at the moment to worry about volume. This would be done via an iframe of the page as well, just like show for the appointment signup on the other page. Each partner referral page should be co-branded between MoF and the Referring Partner. Co-branding would be:

  • co-branding with MoF Logo
  • standard location for Partner logo
  • standard position for partner specific messaging
  • Healthie iframe form for partner to enter client referral information

This is an example of using an iframe embedded within the existing page. In this scenario, MoF site contains the iframed experience and can add any additional messaging anywhere else on the page. In this case, the form is for referral partners to fill out when referring patients of MoF. We can co-brand it and make look a lot better than just the form.